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https://cheapjordansee.c... 投稿者:michael jordan brand 投稿日:2022/12/01(Thu) 04:27 No.8704   HomePage
bear.gifThe new "Air Jordan 37" is exposed. If nothing else, Jordan Brand will soon add the Air Jordan 37 to the boots series before the 2022-2023 NBA season~ There is already a preliminary exposure of the physical object + upper foot! A photo of Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum wearing the unreleased shoes was recently posted online. A leaked spec sheet was also shown, breaking down silhouettes of key elements. It is expected to feature design elements inspired by the Air Jordan 7, as seen in the ankle collar and multicolor outsole. Based on the pictures, the upper is expected to be made from a lightweight and translucent leno weave material, reinforced with an exoskeleton on the sides for support. According to previous leaks, the midsole of the shoe will include a double-layer Zoom bag in the forefoot, a carbon fiber plate in the midfoot and soft Formula 23 foam in the heel (also used in the new Jordan Luka 1). The Air Jordan Legacy 312 Low is coming in two colors. The Air Jordan Legacy 312 is named after Chicago's area code 312. It combines the most classic elements including Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 1 and Air Trainer 2, and is highly recognizable!

https://100realjordans.c... 投稿者:new air jordans for women 投稿日:2022/12/01(Thu) 01:55 No.8703   HomePage
bear.gifIn addition to the MID style, there is also a low-top version with a flash card effect on the side. The classic picture of Jordan's game scene is added. It is really classic, but it always feels a bit strange to put it on the shoes, and it is only exposed at present. Women's shoes, men's shoes have not been exposed, and I don't know if there are any. Can girls really accept such a design?

https://cheapjordansee.c... 投稿者:most expensive jordans in the world 投稿日:2022/12/01(Thu) 01:42 No.8702   HomePage
bear.gifIn terms of design, the fresh fluorescent green has become the most eye-catching part of this pair of Air Jordan 1, making the original low-key white and black even more eye-catching. A large area of ????hite leather is matched with black side Swoosh, flying wing LOGO and shoe collar area. Finally, it is finished with a white midsole and black outsole. If you like it, please don't miss it!

https://100realjordans.c... 投稿者:super cheap jordans 投稿日:2022/11/30(Wed) 22:52 No.8701   HomePage
bear.gifLet's take a look at the appearance of Jordan Delta 3. This time, a high-top version and a low-top version are launched. The upper of the high-top version is more complicated, and the whole gives a feeling of functional wind. The upper is made of mono yarn. There is a checkered pattern, and there are some reinforcement designs on the upper. The neckline position feels independent, and the shoelaces are conventionally designed.

https://100realjordans.c... 投稿者:jordan sneakers online store 投稿日:2022/11/30(Wed) 22:38 No.8700   HomePage
bear.gifIn addition to cooperating with Nike and MJ on the Air Jordan 3 commercial shoot, director Spike Lee also spoke highly of the Air Jordan 4, and also loves this classic shoe very much. Also shortly after the third return, MJ took the commercial TV commercial of Air Jordan 4, and White Cement white cement naturally appeared as the main feature. As an eye-catching sneaker that is back again, there is such a resource for publicity shortly after the return to know that this colorway is very popular. Do you remember Air Jordan4 RETRO "THE SHOT"? Or do you really know what it means? AJ4's fame is nothing more than the classic shot made by Jordan in the fifth game of the first round of the NBA playoffs on May 7, 1989. The word "THE SHOT" has been born since then. Although time has passed 30 years, I believe that as long as Jordan fans or fans who are obsessed with Aj series shoes, mention this game, they can't help but think of jumping high after the lore, throwing fists and screaming in the air to celebrate. The figure and the classic pair of AJ4 black and red on his feet. Nike/Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro AJ4 Men's Mid-Top Sports Basketball Shoe

Отделка дере... 投稿者:отделка 投稿日:2022/11/30(Wed) 22:14 No.8699   HomePage
bear.gif<a href=https://otdelka-derevyannogo-doma.ru/>Отделка деревянного дома</a>

Внешная (а) также Внутренняя отделка древесного у себя - этто финальный штришок в течение экстерьере дачного дома. Лучше честь имею кланяться отделку таких семей выполнить изо натуральных мануфактур, чтобы сберечь элементарность и еще непосредственность жилища.
<a href=https://otdelka-derevyannogo-doma.ru/>Отделка деревянного дома</a>

https://100realjordans.c... 投稿者:the most expensive air jordan shoes in the world 投稿日:2022/11/30(Wed) 19:38 No.8698   HomePage
bear.gifThis shoe refers to the design of the previous Air Jordan 2, with a high probability of using tree brown and gray color matching. A Ma Mani茅re x Air Jordan 4 (concept image) It is reported that the current A Ma Mani茅re x Air Jordan 4 is expected to be released this winter, with a retail price of $200. Air Jordan 37 configuration map exposure! Do you know the story behind the three classic colors of Air Jordan 4? Air Jordan4 White Cement

https://100realjordans.c... 投稿者:the retro jordans 投稿日:2022/11/30(Wed) 19:25 No.8697   HomePage
bear.gifNow, with rumors swirling that Dior and Jordan will once again team up for three new colorways, the next chapter of the hype begins. But what exactly makes the pair so iconic and collectible in China and around the world?

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